Our Story

How it all started...

Tom Satterfield and Willie Walker were life long residents of the eastside of Dalton.  Both had a desire to establish a church.
In the early 1940's they sought out to find a parcel of land to begin a church.  They talked to Bill Elrod about a piece of land where the sanctuary of Welcome Hill Baptist Church sits.  Mr. Elrod gave them the property and the church was started in a "brush arbor."  Caleb Babb was the first pastor.  In 1943 the church was organized.  Babb was the pastor until the later months of 1948.
Dewitt Lewis was elected pastor in early 1949.  The congregation started to grow.  The church was enlarged and some classrooms were built.  Rev. Lewis was pastor until early 1954.  Willie Bearden was pastor approximately 9 months.  After his resignation Winfrey Cider was elected.  Crider was pastor until March 1958.  After Crider left Frank D. Spurling was elected in May of 1958.
During Rev. Spurling's pastorate the existing Sunday school building was built.  Rev. Spurling was pastor until May 1962.  After Rev. Spurling left Rev. Jess Staten was elected pastor.  Rev. Staten was pastor until September 1963.  After Rev. Staten left Bob Holder was elected pastor.  In was during Bob Holder's pastorate that the new sanctuary and parsonage was built.  The parsonage was built in 1965 and the sanctuary was built in 1968.  Rev. Holder was pastor until July 1972.
James Luckett was elected in September 1972.  During Pastor Luckett's leadership the parsonage was enlarged and the Fellowship building was built.  Luckett was the pastor until July 1989.
In September 1989 the church elected Travis Martin, pastor.  During Martin's pastorate the parsonage was moved to its present location and the "hill" was flattened.  This occurred in 1996.  Since the "hill" was flattened, we now have ample parking.  Rev. Martin resigned July 1999.
Michael Deems was elected pastor in December 1999.  In the following years the need for a Family Life Center became apparent.  This was completed in 2003.  Pastor Deems resigned in November 2009.
Scott Winters, was elected pastor in May 2010. During his pastorate screens were added to our sanctuary and renovations were completed in several areas of the church including Sunday School rooms, hallways, and bathrooms.  He resigned in May 2015.
Randy Postell was elected pastor in October 2015.  Randy Postell left in 2019 and the church experienced tremendous growth during his tenure."
In 2019, the church called Bruce Beach as it's Interim Pastor and then, 5 months later as the Pastor. We are looking forward to continued growth (both Spiritual and physical), under his leadership. We are hoping to build a new sanctuary in the near future to accommodate the growth we are experiencing.
We look forward to God's continued hand of blessing upon Welcome Hill Baptist Church.

Expanding the vision...

Christ has called us to "Go"  to all Nations.  Jesus said that you will be witnesses  for me in Judea, Samaria and unto the utternost parts of the earth.  It starts with community, recognizing that where we are, is the mission field

Where we are headed...

 We seek to honor our Lord.  We strive to bring the glorious light of the Gospel to all.  We are living in unprecedented times with unparalleled opportunity to reach a generation that has grown up unchurched and without hope.  We seek to bring the  Hope of Jesus christ to those who are in darkness

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at  11:00 am.